In Kolkata August 15th, 2017

On Independence Day in Kolkata I visited The All Bengal Women’s Union.  Founded in 1932 by a group of redoubtable Kolkata ladies, it supports girls and women who have no family and nowhere to live.  Still run by a group of professional women trustees, ABU provides a loving home, proper education and works with employers to find their girls jobs.

At Maharani in SW3, through the auspices of Save A Child,  we have taken on an eight year old girl who is called Maharani, and will be paying for her education. Her parents are dead, and her seven siblings cannot support her.

August 15th is a big day in India, celebrating the end of British rule, and more importantly looking forward to a promising future.  The staff were bedecked in beautiful saris and Maharani was centre stage unfurling and waving the Indian flag.


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